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Send customized messages to each one of your customers.

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About WAExpresso

Give better experience to your customer with personalized messages.

  • Click on 'Upload Excel' and select Excel (XLS / XLSX / CSV) having all the numbers and the message.
  • Click on the send button.
  • Watch the system send customized messages to all of your customers.


WAExpresso is one click personalized message sender to all of your customers easily. You can use any Excel format file and send messages easily with one click.

One Click Installation

WAExpresso is just one click away. Nothing more to be done here to install.

Send personalized messages to all customers in one click

Personalized messages can be sent in any language to all of your customers in one click. Upload Excel (XLS / XLSX / CSV) and click send. Thats it.


Identify valid numbers by using Run Filters and keeping your sending list clean and correct.

Customize to your language

You can customize it in your language. All you have to do is select your preferred language and whole application will be in your native language.




15$ / Month


45$ / Quarter


180$ / Year

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Multiple Licenses Purchase multiple licenses with a single subscription.
Personalized messages Customize and personalize message text for customers
Images Images to all your customers
Remove WAExpresso Branding There is no branding in the messages
Video and Audio Video, Audio to any contact
File Attachments(PDF) Attach files and reach out to all your customers
Message to any country Message to any number in any location.
Download Delivery Status in Excel View the status of messaging. The report is provided as a CSV for quick reference.
Run Filters on Numbers Help identify invalid numbers, and thus filter your list.
Add Time Delay Time to wait between sending messages. Random time delay can also be given.
Pause, stop or resume service While working on a long list of messages, you can pause and resume messaging service at your ease.
Download Group Contacts Contacts of a Group can be downloaded with one click.
Online Support Reach out to us for any queries on our popular support channels. Features, payments, issues - any queries can be asked here.
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We are in no way responsible for the content used in the messages. Please note that this is not an Automation Tool. Sending Automated WhatsApp Message is against WhatsApp Policy. This plugin is not meant to send bulk WhatsApp message or spamming. This is a simple personalized message sender tool.

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