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  • This App is not related in any way to WhatsApp Inc.
    NOTE: This application does NOT belong or relate to the official WhatsApp application. It is an application that is developed and maintained independently with the sole purpose of making the messaging services easier to be accessed.


    Please read our Privacy Policy. In this section of our App, we describe how WAExpresso (hereinafter - App) handles your personal information, what information about you we collect and store, and what rules define your interaction with us.

  • If we change our privacy policy, any changes will be posted on this page without prior notice.
  • Our privacy policy (the ¬ęPrivacy Policy¬Ľ) applies when using our App. Before you start to use our site, carefully read the privacy policy. Starting to use the App, you automatically accept our privacy policy and agree to comply with its provisions. If you do not agree with our privacy policy, please refrain from using of our App.
  • We do not collect any personal information.
  • We do not collect and do not sell or share your personal data to third parties.
  • Please ensure to follow the terms of the messaging company. We are in no way responsible for the content used in the messages or the number of messages you send. Please ensure to not spam anyone.
  • There is a strict data protection policy followed by us and no data is ever captured or distributed by us.


    We do not allow refunds once a purchase is made - this is inclusive of all auto renewal subscriptions as well. You can use the product till the end of subscription though. There could be some situations/scenariaos where there could be considerations given for the auto renewal subscriptions (Here the decision of our executive handling your case will be deemed as final and binding). For any further queries for products under auto-renewal purchase, you can contact admin.

  • Please note that this is not an Automation Tool. Sending Automated Message is against Messaging application Policy. This plugin is not meant for bulk messaging or spamming. This is a simple personalized message sender tool.
  • WhatsApp is a trademark of WhatsApp Inc. This App is not promoted by Whatsapp Inc.
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